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  • Regan Smith lit a candle on 03/21/2013:
    "Our sincerest condolences to your family in this time of mourning. Your father was an inspiration to me. He pushed me to work through my challenges and not accept the way things are rather work toward what I want them to be. The world is far less of a place knowing he is no longer with us. We wish you fond memories of him to share that will continue to inspire. Warmest regards, Regan Rachel & Genevieve "

  • Charlotte Frankish lit a candle on 02/13/2013:
    "He will be so missed. Our family has so many great memories of him. RIP Karl "

  • Jason Smith lit a candle on 07/05/2013:
    "Our parents led us to the water, and the Captain took us aboard. Life-long memories are moored in a harbour that will forever be shared, cherished and live on. Thank you, Dr. Euler."

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Karl Euler

  • Eveline Hastings lit a candle on November 25th, 2013:
    "I heard about Dr. Euler from around town and finally took my Great Dane to see him . We were so impressed with his down to earth approach and love of animals . I know my dane knew he was with a good human . Dr Euler made a quick impression on us of respect and kindness. Sounds like he led a decent and good life. "

  • Jason Smith lit a candle on July 5th, 2013:
    "Our parents led us to the water, and the Captain took us aboard. Life-long memories are moored in a harbour that will forever be shared, cherished and live on. Thank you, Dr. Euler."

  • ray Best lit a candle on April 30th, 2013:
    "introduced to Karl by Mick Chalmers.will for ever remember the endless hours of water skiing, story telling and endulging in the odd beer or two. can never remember the story of Paul Reveres last ride.The many snow sking trips with Karl, especially the Whistler trip with Dennis Hott, Don Mcnaughten and myself. Karl, you played a very important part of my life as a young man, it was too short and we all missed you when you moved away from Picton."

  • MICK CHALMERS lit a candle on April 30th, 2013:
    "words can not say how i feel when i heard of With the passing of my good friend , I am deeply saddened .i wish i could write about all the good times we shared ,but ,at this moment,i m still grieving, but they are deeply locked in my memory of a truly great guy, till we meet again . rest in peace , mick chalmers . "

  • Nicole Smith lit a candle on March 21st, 2013:
    "Thank you Doctor Euler, Our family of 6 loud, opiniated-energetic Suburban city-slicker- Irish kids met Doctor Euler when I was 8 years old. I spent my Utopian summers in "Euleria" with my family and bonus little sisters, Kathi and Rin (Karin). Our summers were right out of a 70's hippy fairytale. Sunscreen? Freezing bay water temperatures?Nicotine patches? Moderation? 3 square meals?Hand sanitzer? Uh no! We were too busy doing lifes important things....having our first kisses, laughing uncontrollably, Crying together when one of us, usually Kathi or I was hurt, spending Kathi's whole allowance on candy, singing, dancing, washing our hair in the bay, mini bike riding, laughing more and lots loving How could you not? The parents rocked until all hours of the eve....while the kids went rollerskating in our sun bleached painter pants and, skiied the summer away. While Doc's collections of friends "hot motorcycle dudes,, families, musicians, cops. artists..... a coulourful collection, were treated like family, treated like gold....There was always room for everyone, there was always enough food.drink and attention, Doctor Euler just quietly made it happen. The adults/ parents attended evening "booze-cruises We would later join them for corn roasts, bonfires, midnight mystery rides in the boats where Doc would tell us stories then throw the boat in neutral and tell us we hit the barge and were sinking......we would all shreeek, all except his own kids, who would silently laugh at all of us, not yet used to Doc's humour While the big people joined Doc chilling at the yaught club, the kids would make huge tin balls made out of the foil from cigarette packages then go to the little Red Diner, make cheese dreams on the skillet Fast buddies and life long friendship developed that first summer. Doctor Euler was the favourite camp counsellor to all. He never raised his voice, he didn't have to . You would be foolish to....he was wise and his instructions were clear and specific therefore you listened to him when he spoke. Directions on how to water ski were followed, (there was no belly aching allowed) He pushed us farther then anyone every had before. He instilled in all of us that anything was possible, raised our bars told us we could do anything.....I never wanted to let him down. Doctor Euler and Barb were good friends with my kids would be tucked in bed , 2-3 to each bed, or plenty of floor space, listening to their 4 uniques sounds of laughter....we would imitate them and laugh ourselves to sleep. He loved us all equally, listened to us all. If our family wasnt going to Picton on the weekend after his day at the Clinic, with my sister in his employ, he would pick me up in Mississauga...and there he and I would chat all the way to ipods, Ipads or cell phones...only an am radio, open windows and wonderful conversation. I loved these one on one times with Doc. One Christmas Doctor invited my sister and I to learn to ski, at Mout Tremblant....he gave us a few hours of instruction then took us to the top....oh yah he did not baby us down that moment, he simply said, meet you at the bottom. Sheer terror at the mountains of moguls ahead, l off we went, on our butts, faces and other body parts....Ah that was a ride.....Hey I became a pretty good life time skiier after that trip....again, thanks Doc. In the later years. both families parted and our own families were created. Doctor Euler met all my kids who I raised telling fun stories of the memories Doctor Euler provided me with...honestly my favourite childhood moment were created because of this generous man. My final memory of this beautiful man was in the fall of 2008.....Karin, Kath and I met up with Doc and we went on a road trip through Prince Edward County......It was like no time passed. We eagerly listened to Doctor Euler tell us stories threw dinner that made us belly laugh. Ill never forget falling asleep that night in his home....feeling like one of his well loved-well - liked kids again I love you Doc....I miss the way you embraced life to the fullest your tight wonderful one armed hugs, calling me a brat, rolling your eyes at will never forgotten"

  • Regan Smith lit a candle on March 21st, 2013:
    "Our sincerest condolences to your family in this time of mourning. Your father was an inspiration to me. He pushed me to work through my challenges and not accept the way things are rather work toward what I want them to be. The world is far less of a place knowing he is no longer with us. We wish you fond memories of him to share that will continue to inspire. Warmest regards, Regan Rachel & Genevieve "

  • Mark Groves lit a candle on March 18th, 2013:
    "Doc Euler was a man that knew how to do things. He was a worker with skilled hands, a sharp mind and the emotional strength to dedicate himself to doing good things for people every day. His practical skills were exceptional. He was a man that could get a horse to sit calmly while he put a hundred stitches in its lips and nose. The modern world could learn a lot from Doc. Doc Euler lived in the world as he made it. He ran the company he started and rode around the lake in the boat he built with his buddies. Karl was comfortable with who he was. He was his own boss. Karl was a man with modest needs. He didn't take a lot for himself. He spent his whole life doing for others. I had the chance to know Doc Euler. He spoke a language of sense and reason that I very much enjoyed. It was my privilege, to have Karl explain to me how he saw the world while we sat by the lake. He wasn't a big talker and he was usually working so for me it was very special opportunity. Doc was smart. He took care of business. He may be gone but he will be doing good things for a very long time to come. I think Karl is proud of his life and he will watch from heaven with a smile as he continues his work. The people he loves will feel him in their lives every day. I still feel you Doc. "

  • Gillian Wagner (Turner) lit a candle on March 6th, 2013:
    "I wasn't friends with Karin for very long before I was introduced to the Doc. In those days we used to meet in the apartment in Gravenhurst. I think the thing that sticks with me most is the acceptance and hospitality of Dr. Euler. Something his wonderful kids also posses. The ability to make his home yours. He always took time to have a quick chat, or to inspect our ears after a particularly gruelling day of water skiing behind the relic (i.e. lots of wipe-outs), when he would pronounce "you keep a clean house lady!" He always greeted us with his "hey kiddo" and made his house and his belongings ours. I never felt like I was imposing. His wonderful ease around us as awkward teenagers remains with me to this day, something I hope to emulate with my own kids. I know it's so hard to say goodbye to your Dad, and my heart goes out to you Karin,my dearest friend, and sister Kathy and brother Karl. .Lots of love to you all. xo"

  • Nancy Thompson lit a candle on March 2nd, 2013:
    "Dr. Euler started treating the animals on my family's Dairy farm when l was a teenager. He continued on as my trusted Vet when l grew up,had my own place, my own animals,through shots and spaying, injuries minor and major for more than 30 years. Dr. Euler's kind and common sense approach to animal care was always appreciated by my family. He was just a phone call away, and almost always answered the phone himself. He knew his patients and their owners, and didn't hesitate to help you/advise you over the phone until he could get there, or maybe he didn't need to come at all and you could handle it on your own. He was kind and caring when he helped you say good-bye to a friend. He helped me say good-bye to the pony l received when l was 5 yrs old, l had her for over 20 years, just about broke my heart, than about 25 years later he did the same with my children's pony. There was the time our cat was attacked by a fisher on the 23rd of Dec, our white cat was red, our small children were crying. Doc said bring him in, checked him over and quietly told me he didn't know if he would make it, but he would keep him there over Christmas, tell the kids not to worry we would deal with what needed doing after Christmas. We were a happy group when Doc called and told us to come get him and bring him home, l am sure there are many more people with similar stories out there. Serious issue or perhaps sometimes a foolish question, he always spoke to you in the same matter of fact but ever so kind manner. Over the years dogs and cats have come and gone, horses too, the common denominator was always Doc ! In 30 plus years he never once let us down when we needed him. l was so sad to hear of his passing. He was a good man, a trusted adviser and a Vet that truly put the needs of his patience first. He will be missed by all in my family and by the Muskoka community both two legged and four ! "

  • Crystal Gohlich lit a candle on March 1st, 2013:
    "When my mom Elaine Jeffery worked for your Dad -- in his Sundridge office -- he had a new assistant in Gravenhurst so when a man brought a cat into be put to sleep that was a perfectly lovely cat .. the assistant said you can't do that ... so your Dad took the cat to the sundridge office ... and my mom took care of it there. But then your dad got the place painted and my mom had a horrible reaction to the paint fumes and ended up in the hospital -- so they took the cat back to the graven hurst office -- someone left the window open and the cat got out and went back home after a year and a half ... apparently the owner was mad that they didn't put the cat to sleep ... but when he found out it was alive he wanted to keep it ... My mom was very happy when she worked for your Dad "

  • Tammy Little lit a candle on February 26th, 2013:
    "Doc was always "on", even when he was waiting at the hospital for one of his own apppointments! Always ready with good, down to earth advice. Easy to talk to, smart, funny. We'll miss him in so many ways."

  • Carol McNeil lit a candle on February 20th, 2013:
    "Karl Euler taught me to waterski during the summer of 1968, he on one rope behind the boat and me on the other -- and remember the Picton ski hill on Macaulay Mountain? Dr. Euler made that happen too, during the 1970's. Karl Euler embodies the best of the County way of doing things. Consummate care and concern for others (2 and 4 legged), a man of action, larger than life persona, striving to do his best, be his best, reminding and challenging others to never, ever give up. Thanks, Dr. Euler, for helping to launch a grade 8 kid on her way. To this day, I love to waterski, ski on snow and strive to live every moment to the fullest, just like you showed us. The memory of Karl Euler is a blessing."

  • Doris Freeland lit a candle on February 18th, 2013:
    "Dearest Brother (Sonny)- someone who achieved so much in a short lifetime- intelligent, passionate about being a veterinarian. It wasn 't just what he was who he was. Along with two wonderful women, four beautiful children were raised. His devotion to our Dad was a joy to witness. Love always , Doris. The candle stays lit. "

  • Eric Pierson lit a candle on February 17th, 2013:
    "I met Doc Euler, & his family when I was a member of the water ski school at the Yacht Club. When I wasn't skiing there I was skiing at Doc's place. I met many good people there including Mike & Rosemary Church who I snowmobiled with. Many, many good memories from my youth involve all those people."

  • RoseMarie Metcalfe lit a candle on February 16th, 2013:
    "Karl A dog named Boo will be there to greet you. "

  • Julia and John Breckenridge lit a candle on February 15th, 2013:
    "For many years Dr. Euler took care of a variety of pets that passed through our home. One day we happened to acquire a King Sheppard who we called Easter. This dog had been very badly treated and had many needs to come back to health. After he met Dr. Euler and recieved all the care he needed the bill came to $20.00. Thank you so much Dr. Euler for giving such genorous care to animals. We realised that their care was your priority. Julia and John"

  • Casey Baker lit a candle on February 15th, 2013:
    "I did my high school co-op with Doc Euler, I wanted to be a vet tech and needed experience. Doc took me in an allowed me to do many things with him. He was as they said a man of little words but when he did speak it was always worth listening too. His had the dryest sense of humor that I have every heard, you sometimes had to think about the joke but couldn't help but chuckle. Dr Euler was part of helping me get to where I am today. Doc will be missed by many and loved by all. I will miss you Doc."

  • Terry Sprague lit a candle on February 14th, 2013:
    "What fond memories I have of Karl Euler. He was extremely dedicated. One stormy day, when traffic wasn't moving, he borrowed a 4 X 4 and made it to our farm to treat a dairy cow. He never gave up trying to determine what was the matter with our fox terrier, and finally narrowed it down to diabetes, the first ever for him, and only the 2nd that he had heard about in the 1970s. You will not be forgotten. "

  • Margaret Haylock lit a candle on February 14th, 2013:
    "Many years ago, Karl cared for my first horse and performed surgery on him for a luxating patella. He sincerely cared about his four-legged patients and had a great sense of humour. I was very sorry to learn of his passing."

  • Charlotte Frankish lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "He will be so missed. Our family has so many great memories of him. RIP Karl "

  • Wally CJ Smith lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "We so appreciated all that Karl shared with us. I recall a time when his wrist got broke here by a unmannerly horse while trying to give her a needle... he got his wrist set at the hospital, and went right back out to finish caring for the rest of his calls that night. He's a rare gem, and will be very much missed. RIP Karl."

  • Nancy Emery lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "Doc Euler gave me hope for my horse, when all else failed. I was advised by other vets to have my best friend put down. Doc Euler said I can save him. Today my friend is alive because of this wonderful,caring person. "

  • Karin Euler lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "Miss you so much dad. You were such a wise soul to tell my troubles to every Sunday night. You helped me set everything into perspective again and sent me lots of love through that phone line. You taught me to work hard, play hard and keep my chin up. Keeping it up!"

  • Jackie Rumball lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "A fine and generous man. I wish I could get more apples and cheese:) Lots of love to all of you. xxoo"

  • Marion and Bill Edwards lit a candle on February 13th, 2013:
    "We are just two of so many who brought their animals to Karl. He was an amazing vet and a compassionate care-giver. Always down to earth and straightforward. Funny too! We will remember him fondly."

  • Sue Duncan lit a candle on February 12th, 2013:
    "He will be very missed in my life and many others..But never forgotten.."

  • Deb Ward lit a candle on February 12th, 2013:
    "Though he was a man of few words they were always worth listening to. His impact can best be seen in the spirit of his beautiful children. Karl had a way of quietly but most assuredly making me feel welcome in his home and in his life. He will be missed. "