In - Always in our hearts

  • Nancy Thompson lit a candle on 03/02/2013:
    "Dr. Euler started treating the animals on my family's Dairy farm when l was a teenager. He continued on as my trusted Vet when l grew up,had my own place, my own animals,through shots and spaying, injuries minor and major for more than 30 years. Dr. Euler's kind and common sense approach to animal care was always appreciated by my family. He was just a phone call away, and almost always answered the phone himself. He knew his patients and their owners, and didn't hesitate to help you/advise you over the phone until he could get there, or maybe he didn't need to come at all and you could handle it on your own. He was kind and caring when he helped you say good-bye to a friend. He helped me say good-bye to the pony l received when l was 5 yrs old, l had her for over 20 years, just about broke my heart, than about 25 years later he did the same with my children's pony. There was the time our cat was attacked by a fisher on the 23rd of Dec, our white cat was red, our small children were crying. Doc said bring him in, checked him over and quietly told me he didn't know if he would make it, but he would keep him there over Christmas, tell the kids not to worry we would deal with what needed doing after Christmas. We were a happy group when Doc called and told us to come get him and bring him home, l am sure there are many more people with similar stories out there. Serious issue or perhaps sometimes a foolish question, he always spoke to you in the same matter of fact but ever so kind manner. Over the years dogs and cats have come and gone, horses too, the common denominator was always Doc ! In 30 plus years he never once let us down when we needed him. l was so sad to hear of his passing. He was a good man, a trusted adviser and a Vet that truly put the needs of his patience first. He will be missed by all in my family and by the Muskoka community both two legged and four ! "

  • Gillian Wagner (Turner) lit a candle on 03/06/2013:
    "I wasn't friends with Karin for very long before I was introduced to the Doc. In those days we used to meet in the apartment in Gravenhurst. I think the thing that sticks with me most is the acceptance and hospitality of Dr. Euler. Something his wonderful kids also posses. The ability to make his home yours. He always took time to have a quick chat, or to inspect our ears after a particularly gruelling day of water skiing behind the relic (i.e. lots of wipe-outs), when he would pronounce "you keep a clean house lady!" He always greeted us with his "hey kiddo" and made his house and his belongings ours. I never felt like I was imposing. His wonderful ease around us as awkward teenagers remains with me to this day, something I hope to emulate with my own kids. I know it's so hard to say goodbye to your Dad, and my heart goes out to you Karin,my dearest friend, and sister Kathy and brother Karl. .Lots of love to you all. xo"

  • Eveline Hastings lit a candle on 11/25/2013:
    "I heard about Dr. Euler from around town and finally took my Great Dane to see him . We were so impressed with his down to earth approach and love of animals . I know my dane knew he was with a good human . Dr Euler made a quick impression on us of respect and kindness. Sounds like he led a decent and good life. "

About him

Karl Euler

Born: March 20th, 1936

Passed on: February 1st, 2013

Passed peacefully on Feb. 1, 2013 at South Muskoka Memorial Hospital after a long battle with pneumonia.

Survived by sister Doris, wife Barb Sztuke, children Karl, Karin, Kathi, Kim and 6 grandchildren.

Trusted veterinarian to many in Prince Edward County, Etobicoke, Muskoka and Sundridge.

Donations in memoriam to the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation.

Life celebration to be held in Gravenhurst May 26 2013 and in Prince Edward County July 7 2013.