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  • Nicole Smith lit a candle on 03/21/2013:
    "Thank you Doctor Euler, Our family of 6 loud, opiniated-energetic Suburban city-slicker- Irish kids met Doctor Euler when I was 8 years old. I spent my Utopian summers in "Euleria" with my family and bonus little sisters, Kathi and Rin (Karin). Our summers were right out of a 70's hippy fairytale. Sunscreen? Freezing bay water temperatures?Nicotine patches? Moderation? 3 square meals?Hand sanitzer? Uh no! We were too busy doing lifes important things....having our first kisses, laughing uncontrollably, Crying together when one of us, usually Kathi or I was hurt, spending Kathi's whole allowance on candy, singing, dancing, washing our hair in the bay, mini bike riding, laughing more and lots loving How could you not? The parents rocked until all hours of the eve....while the kids went rollerskating in our sun bleached painter pants and, skiied the summer away. While Doc's collections of friends "hot motorcycle dudes,, families, musicians, cops. artists..... a coulourful collection, were treated like family, treated like gold....There was always room for everyone, there was always enough food.drink and attention, Doctor Euler just quietly made it happen. The adults/ parents attended evening "booze-cruises We would later join them for corn roasts, bonfires, midnight mystery rides in the boats where Doc would tell us stories then throw the boat in neutral and tell us we hit the barge and were sinking......we would all shreeek, all except his own kids, who would silently laugh at all of us, not yet used to Doc's humour While the big people joined Doc chilling at the yaught club, the kids would make huge tin balls made out of the foil from cigarette packages then go to the little Red Diner, make cheese dreams on the skillet Fast buddies and life long friendship developed that first summer. Doctor Euler was the favourite camp counsellor to all. He never raised his voice, he didn't have to . You would be foolish to....he was wise and his instructions were clear and specific therefore you listened to him when he spoke. Directions on how to water ski were followed, (there was no belly aching allowed) He pushed us farther then anyone every had before. He instilled in all of us that anything was possible, raised our bars told us we could do anything.....I never wanted to let him down. Doctor Euler and Barb were good friends with my kids would be tucked in bed , 2-3 to each bed, or plenty of floor space, listening to their 4 uniques sounds of laughter....we would imitate them and laugh ourselves to sleep. He loved us all equally, listened to us all. If our family wasnt going to Picton on the weekend after his day at the Clinic, with my sister in his employ, he would pick me up in Mississauga...and there he and I would chat all the way to ipods, Ipads or cell phones...only an am radio, open windows and wonderful conversation. I loved these one on one times with Doc. One Christmas Doctor invited my sister and I to learn to ski, at Mout Tremblant....he gave us a few hours of instruction then took us to the top....oh yah he did not baby us down that moment, he simply said, meet you at the bottom. Sheer terror at the mountains of moguls ahead, l off we went, on our butts, faces and other body parts....Ah that was a ride.....Hey I became a pretty good life time skiier after that trip....again, thanks Doc. In the later years. both families parted and our own families were created. Doctor Euler met all my kids who I raised telling fun stories of the memories Doctor Euler provided me with...honestly my favourite childhood moment were created because of this generous man. My final memory of this beautiful man was in the fall of 2008.....Karin, Kath and I met up with Doc and we went on a road trip through Prince Edward County......It was like no time passed. We eagerly listened to Doctor Euler tell us stories threw dinner that made us belly laugh. Ill never forget falling asleep that night in his home....feeling like one of his well loved-well - liked kids again I love you Doc....I miss the way you embraced life to the fullest your tight wonderful one armed hugs, calling me a brat, rolling your eyes at will never forgotten"

  • Terry Sprague lit a candle on 02/14/2013:
    "What fond memories I have of Karl Euler. He was extremely dedicated. One stormy day, when traffic wasn't moving, he borrowed a 4 X 4 and made it to our farm to treat a dairy cow. He never gave up trying to determine what was the matter with our fox terrier, and finally narrowed it down to diabetes, the first ever for him, and only the 2nd that he had heard about in the 1970s. You will not be forgotten. "

  • Jackie Rumball lit a candle on 02/13/2013:
    "A fine and generous man. I wish I could get more apples and cheese:) Lots of love to all of you. xxoo"

About him

Karl Euler

Born: March 20th, 1936

Passed on: February 1st, 2013

Passed peacefully on Feb. 1, 2013 at South Muskoka Memorial Hospital after a long battle with pneumonia.

Survived by sister Doris, wife Barb Sztuke, children Karl, Karin, Kathi, Kim and 6 grandchildren.

Trusted veterinarian to many in Prince Edward County, Etobicoke, Muskoka and Sundridge.

Donations in memoriam to the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation.

Life celebration to be held in Gravenhurst May 26 2013 and in Prince Edward County July 7 2013.